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Arts Association – Sumunar

The idea for a Pan-Asian cultural center was first developed in 1998 in a meeting attended by representatives from twenty Asian Pacific community organizations. APCC was incorporated as a nonprofit organization in December 1998 and granted 501(c)(3) status in the fall of 2000.

APCC is unique in that it reaches out to all ethnic and cultural groups, with a specific focus on Pan- Asian culture and education.


The goals of APCC are to:

• Educate all Minnesotans, and provide opportunities to further understanding of Asian Pacific communities and their cultures;

Sonsei Yonsei Kai Dance Group
• Create cultural bridges between generations, and cultural understanding within the state’s Asian Pacific communities and among all Minnesotans;

• Contribute to Minnesota’s economy by providing opportunities and resources for Minnesota to further engage the global business community; and

• Provide space for Asian Pacific community organizations offering art, culture, film, music, dance, cuisine, and language studies.

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