Theodore and Louise Hamm, a young German immigrant couple, found a home in Saint Paul, Minnesota in 1856. In 1864, entrepreneur Andrew F. Keller, the owner of a small brewery called the Excelsior Brewery needed money for expansion. Theodore lent the money with the brewery as collateral. When Keller defaulted on the loan, Theodore Hamm was the owner of a brewery. The size of the work force grew, as did the total number of barrels brewed.

In 1865 there were 5 employees that brewed 500 barrels a year, which grew to 75 employees brewing 40,000 barrels a year in 1885. In 1894 the brewery expanded to include a bottling works, followed by artificial refrigeration in 1895. In 1894 an open house was held and free samples of beer were handed out, beginning the long tradition of brewery tours. The brewery was incorporated in 1896, giving Theodore the title of president and William the titles of vice-president and secretary. The line to succession of the brewery was thus established, as the brewery remained in domain of the Hamm’s family for 100 years.



When the brewery closed its Saint Paul plant, community members began working to determine the best use of this historic 30 acre complex. It is in the center of one of Saint Paul’s most historic neighborhoods, five minutes from downtown. The brewery is at the head of Swede Hollow Park, in the commercial heart of East Side Saint Paul.

The Hamm’s site offers unique opportunities for business and technology development, education, arts and entertainment. The older buildings with their high ceilings, natural lighting, and neighborhood surroundings make the brewery an ideal location to be renovated into studios, performance spaces, galleries, class rooms, and other art and educational space.

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